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Backflip Studios, Inc.

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MONOPOLY comes to life in an epic town-building experience! Start with a small community and create a bustling, thriving city. With hundreds of customizable buildings, decorations, stores and more, this is a city game with a MONOPOLY twist like you've never seen before! Develop Properties & Collect Profits! Build houses and neighborhoods to unlock beautiful hotels, and premium properties! Collect rent from your estates, and open shops to produce all the goods your town needs. Expand Your Enterprises! Load orders onto the classic MONOPOLY railroads, like Reading Railroad and the Pennsylvania Railroad. Freight cargo from your town's shipyard, or ship it from your airport! Business is Booming! Start with familiar utilities like the Water Works and Electric Company to build quirky, flourishing businesses. Make your town a thriving hub of commerce to keep the trade routes flowing freely. Sell, Buy & Trade With Friends! Meet your neighbors, and play with your friends. Visit their towns, and other cities. Trade for a profit! Roll the Dice, Get Prizes! Roll your daily dice to get free rewards and extra resources every day. Scratch off Chance cards, open Community Chests, and find the Free Parking car for more rewards and classic MONOPOLY fun. It's 'GO' time in your Town!

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